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REpair Process



Sorry for any inconvenience, this service is currently not aviable at this time.

If you don't have time to drop off your riding lawn mower or zero turn, we are happy to pick it up, repair it, and return it.

Pick up and delivery fees begin at $80.00 depending on your geographical location.  

To set up a pick-up, call the shop.  You will be required to pay the pick up/delivery fee and deposit at the time you schedule your service.

We work on most types of equipment.  We will ask you to describe in detail the problems you are experiencing with the equipment.  The more details you can provide, the easier it will be to quickly and efficiently diagnose the problem.

All equipment left for repair requires a deposit depending on the classification of equipment:

Handheld Equipment and Pushmowers     $50.00

Riders and Zero Turn lawnmowers           $70.00

This amount may be changed if it is determined extensive repairs are required to properly repair the equipment.

Deposits are applied to the equipment repairs unless you decline the repairs.  If the repairs are declined, the deposit covers the mechanic's time to diagnose the repairs needed.

All equipment not picked up 30 days from notification of completed repairs will be sold to cover repair costs.